Women’s Player Courses

The Women’s Player Course in action at our April 2021 Academy

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As rugby continues to grow, the number of female players actively participating in the game has dramatically increased around the world.

Designed for female players aged 14-17 years old, the Women’s Intermediate and Advanced Player Courses are the perfect development opportunity for any female player – offering tuition across the all-important technical, tactical, mental and physical components of the game, and covering both Rugby and Rugby Sevens.

The programme simulates a professional rugby environment, which demands participants to self-manage and perform at a professional level.

Course modules

The Women’s Player Course covers the following modules:

  • Advanced Strength and Conditioning Skills – strength, power and speed
  • Advanced Nutrition
  • Video review and the Game-Analysis process
  • Conducting self-review
  • Rugby intelligence & tactical awareness
  • Game plan comprehension
  • Advanced game awareness, vision and decision-making
  • Position-Specific analysis & performance review
  • Advanced Position-Specific skills, roles and responsibilities
  • Self-management & leadership
  • Mind management & mental skills
  • Recovery protocols
Wallaroo Grace Hamilton, leads the WPC at our April 2021 Academy

The Women’s Player Courses provide participants an opportunity to learn and practice under the watchful eye of world-class coaches and immerse themselves in a professional-type environment.

Course fee of $1,600 includes:

  • 1 x Course Assessment – An appraisal that provides insight into the participant’s technical, tactical, physical and mental attributes
  • 1 x Position-Specific Assessment – An appraisal which discusses the participant’s positional future in the game, identifying player strengths and key work-ons for optimal improvement
  • All training and tuition
  • An IRAA Training Shirt
  • All food for the duration of the programme (fully catered)
  • Accommodation for the full duration of the programme (3 nights)

Sorry, nothing is scheduled

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