Our Courses

IRAA Courses foster intensive development in all areas of the game, both on and off the field.

Coach and player participants leave IRAA equipped with the knowledge and skills that will improve performance with immediate effect, and long after the programme is complete.

Players Courses

All Black Coach Steve Hansen providing specialist coaching at IRANZ

IRAA Players Courses are designed to provide ambitious rugby players training and tuition in all the crucial technical, tactical, mental and physical areas that allow them to reach their potential in the game.

Including various classroom, practical and live modules, our Player Course programmes are crafted to simulate a professional rugby environment. Each programme exposes the player to a higher level of rugby and ultimately steers them on the path to achieve higher honours.

Coaches Courses

Wayne Smith (World Cup winning All Black Coach) working with coaches during a live match

IRAA Coaches Courses have been crafted to provide aspirational rugby coaches a blueprint, strategy and structure that can be applied within their own coaching environment.

Each Course creates a learning environment that fosters creative thinking and practical application. This ensures our participants leave the programme with knowledge and skills they can apply immediately to enhance their performance as a coach.

Team Courses

John Plumtree (Hurricanes Head Coach) working with players on a Team Course.

IRAA Team Courses are designed to provide any rugby team or group an opportunity to discuss their needs with our team of experts and have a customised programme or tour tailored to their requirements.

If you belong to a club, team, organisation or group of individuals that are interested in attending IRAA, then an IRAA Team Course could be perfect for your needs.