IRAA will be working with Australian based company, SportsCard to assist us with our applications and reporting of players and coaches for our courses. SportsCard is a social media platform that empowers people to share their sporting journeys. It is an amazing tool for athletes, coaches, organisations as well as your family & friends to keep up to date with your rugby achievements.


The platform adheres to strict privacy and security practices to ensure your information is secure:
* To engage in the site, you must be a registered user
* All users under 18 require a responsible adult to complete registration
* Contact details are never made public
* 3 user options of visibility on the site
* No capacity for online bullying
* Robust & Secure platform

Create your free account and profile via the SportsCard website:

Once you are registered and have completed your profile, connect with IRAA’s official SportsCard page and become a part of our community.

Players and coaches will be able to submit their SportsCard url as part of your application process for your IRAA course.

During the IRAA course, our specialist coaches will utilise your SportsCard account to report on your progress. This information is private and stored in your SportsCard account for you to refer back to.

A SportsCard representative will be at the training event to capture the data and offer assistance where required.

For more information, please refer to SportsCard website: https://www.yoursportscard.com/